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学科主题: 计算机应用::计算机图形学
作者: 刘晓庆
答辩日期: 2011-06-01
导师: 张凤军
专业: 计算机应用技术
授予单位: 中国科学院研究生院
授予地点: 北京
学位: 硕士
关键词: 手持设备 ; 大屏幕交互 ; 手机运动跟踪 ; 头部跟踪 ; 多分辨率
摘要: 随着技术的进步,手机早已成为人们生活中必不可少的电子设备之一,同时因其综合性能日益增强,也受到了研究人员的广泛关注,大量应用出现在增强现实和普适计算领域。在增强现实方面,ARCchart的报告预计由移动AR应用产生的收入到2015年将达到22亿美元;另一方面,智能手机支持用户随时随地按需访问各种信息和服务,被认为是当前普适计算的首选平台。上述领域的研究成果推动了基于手机的大屏幕交互研究工作的进展。此类研究的目的是利用手机改善用户与大屏幕的交互,面临两个关键子问题:如何利用手机获取能够反映用户意图的交互输入,如何根据交互输入响应用户的交互请求。在此研究背景下,本文改进了基于手机视觉跟踪的大屏幕交互方法,提出了一种多分辨率大屏幕交互方法;在此基础上设计开发了大屏幕交互系统,让手机用户既能与手机本身交流信息,也能与大屏幕设备交互,同时获得了改善的用户体验。本文的主要工作如下:1.        基于手机视觉跟踪的大屏幕交互方法研究。采用改进的运动估计方法跟踪摄像头的运动,提高了传统视觉跟踪交互方法的实用性;针对手机前置摄像头,提出将头部跟踪作为交互输入控制,综合两种跟踪策略,改进了已有的基于手机视觉跟踪的大屏幕交互方法。2.        基于手机的多分辨率大屏幕交互方法研究根据费兹法则和多分辨率理论,提出基于手机的多分辨率大屏幕交互方法。对基于视觉跟踪的交互方法进行修改后用于低分辨率交互阶段,将触屏交互用于高分辨率交互阶段。针对不同的用户输入,设计了相应的用户输入事件处理机制,研究了多分辨率交互的界面支持,并结合已有的交互输入手势,为基本操作设计了交互原语,使得手机客户端接入服务器端后,用户就能和大屏幕设备进行交互,同时在手持设备上获得相关的响应。3.        系统设计与实现在以上研究的基础上,提出了交互输入的识别方法、数据分析过程和事件处理机制,设计实现了基于手机的多分辨率大屏幕交互输入原型系统以及两个交互应用模块,帮助用户改善了基于手机的大屏幕交互。
英文摘要: With the progress in technology, the mobile phone not only has become an indispensable kind of electronic equipment in people's life, but has gained widespread attention from researchers. In augmented reality, ARCchart's report predicted that the revenue produced by mobile AR applications will reach $22 billion by 2015; On the other hand, the smartphone supports users to access all kinds of information and services as needed, which is considered as the preferred choice of current pervasive computing platform. Research findings on the above-mentioned fields have promoted the research of mobile phone based large screen interaction. Such objective of the study is to use mobile phone to improve the user interaction with the large screen. Two sub-problems have to be solved that are how to get the user interaction input with the handheld device and how to response to users’ interaction requests.Under this background, this paper improves the mobile phone visual tracking based large-screen interactive method, and develops a multi-resolution large-screen interactive system, which supports mobile phone users to exchange information with mobile phone itself, to interact with the large screen device, and to get improved user experience.The main tasks of this paper are as follows:1)        Research on handset visual tracking based large-screen interactive method.Using an improved motion estimation method for tracking camera movement the practicality of traditional visual tracking interactive method is much better than before. For front camera of mobile phone, result of head tracking is proposed as interactive input control. By compositing two kinds of track strategy, handset visual tracking based large-screen interactive method is improved.2)        Research on mobile based multi-resolution large screen interactive method.According to Fitts’ Law and multi-resolution theory, a mobile phone based large screen interactive method is raised. For different types of user input, handling mechanisms of corresponding user input events are designed and implemented, and research on interactive interface support for multi-resolution interaction has been done. With the existing interactive input gestures, interactive primitives for basic operations are raised. After the client's connection with the server, the user can interact with large screen equipment and obtain responses on mobile phone screen.3)        System design and implementation. On the basis of the above study, recognition method for interactive input, data analysis process and event handling mechanism is proposed. The prototype system for mobile based multi-resolution large-screen interaction and two interactive application modules aiming at improving users’ interaction with the large screen are designed and implemented.
语种: 英语
内容类型: 学位论文
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刘晓庆. 基于手机的大屏幕交互方法研究[D]. 北京. 中国科学院研究生院. 2011-06-01.
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