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Subject: 计算机科学技术基础学科::数据安全与计算机安全
Author: 黄金刚
Issued Date: 2010-06-02
Supervisor: 周永彬 副研究员
Major: 信息安全
Degree Grantor: 中国科学院研究生院
Place of Degree Grantor: 北京
Degree Level: 硕士
Keyword: 差分能量分析攻击
Abstract: 侧信道攻击是密码分析研究的一个重要分支。研究实践表明,即使密码算法在数学意义下是安全的,不恰当的任何实现所泄漏的侧信道信息仍会导致严重的安全隐患。能量分析攻击就是这样一种功能强大的典型侧信道攻击。这种攻击方法实际效果显著,受到广泛关注,迅速成为侧信道攻击领域的研究热点问题。本文对能量分析攻击有效性评估的基础方法和关键技术进行研究,旨在通过评估能量分析攻击的有效性来认识能量分析攻击的严重威胁,进而为密码系统的设计和分析提供必要的基础方法和支撑工具。本文的主要贡献如下: 第一、给出了高斯区分器的形式化定义,刻画了两个典型区分器的统计特性;提出了区分度量化度量指标,用以评估一类典型差分能量分析攻击的有效性。区分器是差分能量分析攻击中不可或缺的关键部件,它在很大程度上决定了能量分析攻击的有效性。为刻画区分器的统计特性,提出了高斯区分器的概念,给出了相应的形式化定义,并研究了两类典型区分器的实际特性;基于高斯区分器提出度量指标区分度,可以方便地对典型差分能量分析攻击的有效性进行量化度量,部分解决了已有同类度量指标应用困难的问题。最后,论文通过大量的模拟实验,验证了这种刻画方式和度量方法的合理性与可行性。 第二、基于对典型能量分析攻击进行模拟分析和评估研究工作的客观需要,设计了一个通用的差分能量分析攻击框架,研制出一个可扩展的DPA模拟分析工具集DPA Toolkit。该工具集支持基于均值差检验、皮尔逊相关系数、贝叶斯决策等典型区分器的DPA模拟攻击,并且可以对相关模拟攻击结果进行初步评估,为密码模块抵御能量分析攻击能力评估提供了一种基础技术支撑工具,亦为进一步研制侧信道攻击与评估综合实验平台提供借鉴。
English Abstract: Side channel attack is an important branch of cryptanalysis. Excessive researches and practices have shown that side channel information leaked by any inappropriate im-plementations of cryptographic algorithms could lead to crucial security issues, even though the cryptographic algorithms themselves are mathematically secure. Power analysis attack is such a typical side channel attack. It works remarkably well in prac-tical settings, receives extensive concerns and becomes one central issue in the research filed. This thesis investigates the basic methods and key technologies for measuring the effectiveness of power analysis attack. In this way, the threats of power analysis attacks could be systematically investigated. Moreover, this work will provide basic methods and fundamental tools for the design and analysis of cryptosystem. Two contributions of this thesis are as follows. Firstly, the formal definition of Gaussian Distinguisher is introduced to character-ize the statistical characteristics of two typical distinguishers; a quantitative metric, called Distinctive Level, is then introduced to measure the effectiveness of one typical DPA attack. Distinguisher serves as an essential component in DPA attacks and should to a large extent influence of behaviors of these attacks. Motivated by this, this thesis introduces the concept of Gaussian Distinguisher to characterize the statistical charac-teristics of distinguisher, and gives its formal definition, by which the practical charac-teristic of two typical distinguishers are investigated; based on Gaussian Distinguisher, a metric, Distinctive Level, is then introduced to quantitatively measure the effective-ness of one typical DPA attacks and this metric partially solves the practicality prob-lems involved by other similar metrics. Finally, the soundness and feasibility of this method is validated by conducting a large amount of experiments. Secondly, in order to meet the requirements for analysis and evaluation of typical power analysis attacks, one universal framework of differential power analysis attacks is designed, and an extensible DPA Toolkit is developed. This Toolkit can be used to conduct some typical DPA attacks exploiting multiple distinguishers, such as differ-ence of means test, Pearson correlation coefficient, Bayesian decision and etc. Design-ers of cryptosystems could use this toolkit to measure the effectiveness of those attacks. Therefore, it could act as a basic tool for measuring the resistance of cryptographic module against power analysis attacks. Furthermore, this toolkit is hopefully expected to provide some guidance in the further development of a comprehensive platform for side channel attack and evaluation.
Language: 中文
Content Type: 学位论文
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黄金刚. 能量分析攻击有效性评估技术研究[D]. 北京. 中国科学院研究生院. 2010-06-02.
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