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作者: 臧志
答辩日期: 2008-06-07
授予单位: 中国科学院软件研究所
授予地点: 软件研究所
学位: 博士
关键词: 服务发现协议 ; 互操作框架 ; 抽象语义信息 ; 分阶段事件驱动 ; 上下文 ; SLP ; UPnP SSDP ; Service CatalogNet
其他题名: Research on Interoperable Framework of Multiple Service Discovery Protocols
摘要: 服务发现协议(Service Discovery Protocol)是支持程序和设备自动发现并访问网络中所需服务的协议,是分布式环境特别是普适环境下进行资源共享、数据集成、流程协作的前提。目前学术界和工业界已经提出了多种服务发现协议,如UPnP SSDP、SLP、Salutation、Bluetooth SDP。这些服务发现协议提供了类似的功能,但在适用网络类型、描述模型、发现机制、服务使用方式等方面存在着高度的异构性,导致使用不同服务发现协议的设备之间无法直接进行交互,从而限制了服务使用者和服务提供者之间的交互范围及交互能力。同时这其中的一些协议已经成为事实上的工业标准,但目前并没有一个能够适用于所有场景并占据整个市场,并且在很长的一段时间内不可能出现一个通用的协议来取而代之,同时,要求服务请求者和服务提供者同时支持多种服务发现协议是不现实的,因此迫切需要一种互操作框架来实现各种服务发现协议之间的互操作,从而允许服务使用者能够以其自有的方式在网络上发现并使用所需的各种服务,而不用考虑服务发布所采用的具体服务发现协议及调用方式的不同。 目前学术界和工业界在服务发现协议的互操作方面进行了不少探索和研究,但在互操作对象的可扩展性及互操作的透明性、范围方面仍存在不少问题尚未得到有效地解决。 本文主要研究跨网络环境下的服务发现协议的互操作。本文基于抽象语义信息的互操作模型,综合考虑了上下文信息,采用分阶段事件驱动的技术处理并发请求,设计并实现了具有透明性、可扩展性、高效性的服务发现协议互操作框架(Service CatlogNet Interoperable Framework,SCNIF),本文设计与实现了三种服务发现协议(UPnP SSDP、SLP、SCN)的互操作插件,还给出了新加入服务发现协议的互操作插件的实现方案。
英文摘要: Service Discovery Protocol (SDP) is a protocol to support applications and devices to discover and access the required services in networks automatically. It is a premise of information sharing, data integration and process collaboration in distributed environments, especially in pervasive environments. Recently several SDPs have been proposed from both academy and industry, e.g. UPnP SSDP, SLP, Salutation and Bluetooth SDP. Those protocols provide similar functionalities, but there exists high heterogeneity in target network type, description model, discovery mechanism and service invoking type. Because of the possible heterogeneity, devices that conform to different SDPs cannot interact with each other directly and furthermore the heterogeneity imposes restrictions on the interaction scope and capability between users and service providers. Among these SDPs, some of them have become the de facto industry standards, but so far no one can dominate the whole market and be applied in every scenario, also it is also regarded as impossible to propose a SDP to replace all of them. Moreover, it is unacceptable to ask both user and provider to support multiple SDPs. Therefore a framework that can provide interoperability among multiple SDPs is our most urgent need. With this framework users are able to discover and access their required services in their own ways, without considering the different SDPs used by services. So far a lot of work has been done in both academy and industry, but there still remain a lot of problems such as lacking of transparency, weak extensibility and small interoperable scope which need to be addressed. This paper focuses on the interoperability among multiple SDPs across various network environments. We propose an interoperable framework named SCNIF with provision of more transparency, extensibility and efficiency. The interoperable mechanism adopted in SCNIF is based on abstract semantic information to facilitate to add a new SDP as an interoperable object. SCNIF exploits the context information to speed up discovery request processing and improve its accuracy, and adopts the staged event driven architecture to handle concurrent requests. Three SDP interoperable plug-ins (i.e. UPnP SSDP, SLP and SCN) are designed and implemented in SCNIF. In addition, the method to develop interoperable plug-ins for new SDPs is given.
语种: 中文
内容类型: 学位论文
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臧志. 多服务发现协议的互操作框架研究[D]. 软件研究所. 中国科学院软件研究所. 2008-06-07.
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