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Author: 余双
Issued Date: 2007-06-02
Degree Grantor: 中国科学院软件研究所
Place of Degree Grantor: 软件研究所
Degree Level: 博士
Keyword: 无线射频技术 ; 发布/订阅系统 ; 谓词匹配 ; 复合订阅匹配
Alternative Title: Research on RFID-Oriented Publish/Subscribe System
Abstract: 无线射频识别(RFID)技术是一种非接触式的自动识别技术,支持对RFID标签的移动识别、多目标识别等。这里,RFID标签携带物品的编码和其他数据等一系列RFID信息,并可随物品移动。发布/订阅系统为RFID信息在Internet环境下的分发提供了重要平台,它通过具有动态性和松耦合特性的发布/订阅方式,为用户提供与RFID相关的事件信息。订阅者通过提交订阅声明感兴趣的事件,当发布者发布订阅者感兴趣的事件时,订阅者将自动得到通知。参与的各方在空间、时间、控制流上完全解耦。 目前学术界和工业界在发布/订阅系统方面已进行了不少的研究,但并没有提供足够的RFID应用常需要的时序订阅表达和处理能力,也不提供对RFID编码订阅的特殊支持。因此,我们需要研究面向RFID应用的发布/订阅系统,该系统的开发和部署,将有力促进、推动以开放型用户为典型特征的开环RFID应用的发展。 本文在支持分布式发布/订阅服务的基础上,分析了RFID应用引入的特殊需求,提出了一个面向RFID应用的发布/订阅模型,该模型支持分布式环境下出现的复合时序订阅和RFID编码类型订阅;本文基于该模型,构建了面向RFID应用的发布/订阅系统OncePubSub。OncePubSub针对RFID应用需求,提供具有丰富RFID编码、算术、字符串操作语义表示能力的原子订阅和具有复杂时序语义表示能力的复合订阅。OncePubSub系统在代理服务器覆盖网络上提供有效的订阅管理机制,通过订阅覆盖算法和就近检测协议,减少代理服务器覆盖网络中的订阅数目,实现分布式的订阅匹配。OncePubSub系统通过使用多级谓词索引、区间谓词表、Trie树和后缀数组,实现了谓词的快速匹配,并通过提供带时间订阅的复合订阅匹配图算法,实现复合订阅与事件组合之间的高效匹配。OncePubSub实现了可靠的消息路由算法,从而保证订阅、事件等消息在代理服务器覆盖网络中正确地传播。
English Abstract: Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology is an automated recognition technology which enables multiple RFID tags to be identified quickly and simultaneously from a distance or even in the mobile mode. Herein, RFID tags carry RFID information such as product identification codes as well as the other data, and can move together with objects to which they are attached. A publish/subscribe system provides an important platform for disseminating RFID information on Internet and supplies RFID-related events in a dynamic and loose-coupled subscribe-publish fashion. That is, subscribers can declare their interested events in subscriptions and they will be notified when the interested events are published. Participants in a publish/subscribe system are totally decoupled in time, space and control flow. In recent years, there are some researches on publish/subscribe systems from both academy and industry. But after surveying their work, we find that existing publish/subscribe systems do not provide enough expressiveness and processing capacity to temporal subscriptions which are frequently required by RFID applications; neither do the systems provide the special support to subscribe the (portion of) RFID codes. Therefore, we focus on the research on RFID-oriented publish/subscribe system, which will bring great promotion for the open-loop RFID applications characterized by a large amount of uncertain users. After analyzing the special requirements of RFID applications and combining them into the essential publish/subscribe functions, we propose an RFID-oriented publish/subscribe model that supports composite temporal subscriptions and RFID-code subscriptions. Based on this model, we implement an RFID-oriented publish/subscribe system OncePubSub. OncePubSub system provides primitive subscriptions with rich semantics related to RFID-type, arithmetic-type and string-type operators, as well as composite subscriptions with complicated temporal semantics. OncePubSub provides effective subscription management mechanism over the overlay network consisted of several event brokers, in which both the subscription covering algorithm and the nearest-greedy detection protocol can reduce the number of subscriptions and carry out the distributed subscription matching. OncePubSub achieves the excellent performance by adopting the multi-level predicate index, interval predicate tables, Trie trees and suffix arrays when matching a predicate against an event item. As to composite subscription matching against event sequences, OncePubSub also offer better performance with the aid of introducing time subscriptions and directed acyclic graph matching algorithm. OncePubSub implements reliable message routing algorithm so that subscriptions and publications can be correctly delivered in the overlay network.
Language: 中文
Content Type: 学位论文
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余双. 面向RFID应用的发布/订阅系统研究[D]. 软件研究所. 中国科学院软件研究所. 2007-06-02.
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