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作者: 吴广煜
答辩日期: 2008-06-02
导师: 王丹力
专业: 计算机应用技术
授予单位: 中国科学院研究生院
授予地点: 中国科学院软件研究所
学位: 硕士
关键词: 2D动画 ; 草图 ; 轨迹动画 ; 动作同步 ; 形变
其他题名: Research and Implementation of a 2D Sketching Animation System
部门归属: 人机交互技术与智能信息处理实验室
摘要: 草图动画能够帮助用户快速地实现运动场景的原型设计和动态概念的建模,让用户随手记下他们的思维,因此在动画的早期设计、用户界面设计、建筑设计等领域都有着广泛的应用。计算机动画也正越来越广泛地用于各种教学活动中,使用动画可以把抽象的概念形象化、可视化,这不仅有助于吸引学生的注意力,而且有助于学生对概念的理解。但是目前流行的动画制作软件操作方法非常复杂、抽象,交互方式不直观,使得大量的初学者和中小学老师等非专业动画制作人士望而却步。本文着眼于降低动画制作过程中的复杂性,简化草图动画的创作过程,减轻用户的认知负担,为普通用户提供一个能快速制作草图动画的工具。在分析了草图动画的特点、应用领域以及目前国内外研究现状的基础上,本文提出将基于轨迹的动画方式和基于特征的形变动画方式结合起来的草图动画制作方法,让用户以自然、直接的方式进行动作设置和编辑,使动画设计过程像绘制草图一样简单。本文主要工作如下: 1. 2D物体建模自由手绘草图用户输入的自由度很大,在其语义上一个复杂的物体还可能由多个部分组成,形成一个层次结构。本文给出了一种适合表示多层次结构的物体建模方式,能够支持多层次动作的组合。 2. 轨迹动画研究了轨迹动画中的动作类型、动作设置过程、动作同步、多层次动作组合等问题。提出了一种动作同步的解决方法。 3. 形变动画研究了基于特征的形变算法,提出把图像形变的算法应用到草图物体形变的方法,设计了基于特征形变的算法框架,把基于特征曲线的形变和基于特征点的形变结合起来,让用户可以通过简单的交互就能够创作出更加丰富多变的动画内容。 4. 系统设计和实现在上述研究的基础上,把基于轨迹的动画方式和基于特征的形变动画方式结合起来,设计并实现了面向普通计算机用户的草图动画系统。并且设计了一些交互手势,让用户通过简单的手势就能完成物体建模、轨迹动作设置和编辑、动作同步、设置形变动画等操作。
英文摘要: Sketching animation can help users for rapid prototyping of animated sequences or conceptual modeling of dynamic objects. Sketching animation, with which people can write down their bursting ideas omnivorously, now is used widely in the domain of design, such as interface design, architecture design, the early phase of animation design, and so on. Also, computer animation has been used more and more in classrooms as teaching assistants, which can make the abstract concept visualized. It is not only attractive and engaging but also makes the concept easier to understand. Current animation tools have extremely complex interfaces with many, specialized methods for generating motion from static specifications. This may be easier than designing every frame by hand, but only if users can master a complex interface. This makes it difficult for designers to prototype animations and nearly impossible for novices to create them at all. Aimed at removing the complexity barrier, and allowing nonprofessional users to create a wide variety of animations quickly, we propose a sketching animation system. After the study of the related work, we propose a new method of sketching animation, which combines the method of track-base animation and the feature-based warp. In the system, users’ inputs don’t need to be accurate, which reduces users’ input load; meanwhile, animations are built in time, and can be edited in real-time, which satisfies users’ creativity requirements and makes animating a rough drawing about as easy as drawing it. The contents of the study are as follows: 1. Object representing. Users draw objects with great freedom, which either can be a simple stroke or a composition of stokes. A complicated object may be comprised of several parts, so we propose a method to support the hierarchy. 2. Track-base motion. The basic element of our approach to animation sketching is track-base motion. We looked into several problem of the method of track-base motion, such as motion setting, motion coordination, event synchronization, motion combination and motion hierarchy. 3. Arithmetic of feature-based warp. We extend the arithmetic of 2D image warp to sketching objects, and designed a framework for feature-based warp, which provides a conceptual and mathematical foundation for both stroke-feature-base warp and points-feature based warp. 4. Design and implementation of the sketching animation system. The system supports both the method of track-base motion and the feature-base warp. With informal sketches and gestural input, users can create an animation quickly.
内容类型: 学位论文
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吴广煜. 二维草图动画系统的研究和实现[D]. 中国科学院软件研究所. 中国科学院研究生院. 2008-06-02.
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